Pittsburgh Puppy Training 

Puppy Training in Pittsburgh…

It’s All Fun and Games!

Who doesn’t love a puppy?! Puppies are all fun and games until they’ve ruined an expensive rug, can’t cope with sleeping alone, chew everything in site, and begin to nip relentlessly!

Puppies are one of the wonders of the world; their ability to elicit both joy and frustration from their companions is truly baffling. However, much of the frustration that comes with raising a puppy is resolved when you learn how to train a puppy. Proper puppy training is also the #1 way to prevent future dog behavior problems!

There are many standard puppy training programs out there, but our professional puppy training programs have many advantages. Our puppy training programs are customized to:

  • Your puppy’s temperament and personality
  • Your personality and preferences
  • The relationship between you and your puppy (or the relationship you would like to have with your puppy)
  • Your lifestyle and schedule
  • Any challenges specific to your home environment

Our puppy training programs are appropriate for puppies of all breeds at least 7 weeks of age. All of our programs are commitment-based, in-home dog training programs.

Whether your puppy is already in your home, or you’re planning to get your puppy soon, we can help! We will start (or restart) your relationship with your puppy on the right foot (or paw). During our puppy training program, you will learn:

  • How to housebreak your puppy (hint: it shouldn’t be that difficult!)
  • How to teach your puppy calm behavior – hyperactivity doesn’t have to be a constant!
  • How to appropriately exercise your puppy, including loose leash walking
  • Appropriate greeting behaviors (without the jumping, peeing, and charging the front door!)
  • How to prevent excessive and inappropriate chewing, digging and barking
  • How to read your puppy’s body language and signals
  • How to communicate clearly and consistently with your puppy

    Most importantly, by starting puppy training early on in your relationship, you can lay a strong foundation for a lifelong relationship of mutual trust and respect. Puppy training is the fast track to enjoying “man’s best friend” to the fullest!

    Check out some of our puppy training videos!

    For more information about our puppy training programs, please call us at 412.533.3947, or fill out our contact form. We’d love to hear more about your puppy!