Pittsburgh In-Home Training 

Our In-Home Dog Training Programs Get RESULTS!

In-home dog training consists of private, one-on-one dog training with our professional dog trainer and dog behaviorist. Regardless of your dog’s issues, we always begin training in the comfort of your home. As your dog begins to grasp the new skills we teach, we’ll move our lessons to a public setting to make sure that no matter what kind of distractions are around, your dog still knows how to make good choices! Watch some of our off leash training videos!

What kind of dog behavior problems need in-home dog training?

We would wholeheartedly argue that every dog behavior problem, big or small, needs in-home dog training! That said, in-home dog training is especially appropriate for the following dog behavior issues:

  • Aggressive behavior – dog aggression, human aggression, food aggression etc. with or without a bite history
  • Inappropriate greeting behaviors such as jumping, charging the front door, or urination
  • Unreliable obedience issues like not coming when called, choosing to ignore your commands, or “selective listening”
  • Separation anxiety issues, and other anxiety issues like fearful behavior, phobias, or nervousness
  • Excessive behaviors like constant barking, inappropriate digging, destructive chewing

How does in-home dog training help your dog overcome behavior problems?

In general, there are many different variables that affect dog behavior. Most people view a behavior problem as a “quirk” that the dog needs help to overcome. We are frequently asked to address just one aspect of a dog’s behavior, but unfortunately, spot-checking a dog’s behavior is akin to plugging a whole in a dam. The hole might be plugged for a while, but the pressure is there. Until you resolve the pressure, you’ll eventually have another hole pop up.

How to Get Started

All of our dog training programs begin win a no-obligation behavior consultation. When Greg arrives at your home, he will evaluate your dog and consider all of the things that could be influencing his/her behavior. This includes his/her relationship with you, the dog’s lifestyle in your home, and much more. As Greg puts together the puzzle of your dog’s overall behavior, he will thoroughly explain the contribution that each variable makes.

If you’re interested in learning more about our in-home dog training programs, please give us a call at 412.533.3947, or fill out our contact form. We would love to talk with you!