Dog Training for New Parents in Pittsburgh

Cribs & Canines in Pittsburgh, PA

Babies bring so much joy and happiness. They also bring a lot of work into the picture, and this might include even for the family dog! As an expecting parent, you should not be stressing out about how your dog may or may not respond well to a new baby. We can always hope that most dogs will do just fine with a new baby. Still every dog and every situation is different, and so are the reactions and results.

How Does This Program Help?

We established the Cribs and Canines training program in order to ease the minds of expectant parents, and also smooth out an easy transition for the dog into accepting a new baby. It is perfectly natural for a new family member to bring in new changes, feelings, routines, etc. At Pivotal, our Pittsburgh dog trainer is here to lead the dog and owner/parent to success with their new family, and avoid inconsistency and anxiety that would inevitably cause tension and behavioral problems within the household.

We will get to the basics (and more) of obedience and focus for your dog, educating him/her to display calm manners (ie: no jumping, nipping, snatching, aggressive play, etc), while also introducing real-life situations that give the dog the idea the baby is and has been there…before your baby is even born and brought to the home! Your dog will become desensitized to the baby’s presence, the stroller, the ongoing attention the baby receives, and so forth, so that there’s no need to be anxious, fearful, territorial, aggressive, etc.

The Cribs and Canines program is offered to both expecting parents, and current parents who are struggling with their dog’s behavioral toward their children. Our goal is to reach YOUR training goals, and to ensure a safe, happy environment for the WHOLE family!

Give us a call at 412.533.3947 for any questions on our Cribs and Canines protocol. We’re excited to helping both your baby AND furbaby!