Pittsburgh Dog Training Programs

Bridging the Relationship Between Dogs and Their People!

Pivotal Dog Training uses a reward-based training approach, which includes setting a dog up for success whenever possible! We work with dogs of all ages, all breeds, all temperaments, and all issues.

Learning New Behaviors

Whether your dog suffers from issues like aggression and separation anxiety, or if your dog just needs to learn reliable obedience commands, it’s safe to say there are some new behavior patterns that your dog needs to learn. A professional dog training program begins with teaching your dog these new behaviors. To make it fair for the dog, this is best done away from distractions, and that’s why we begin all of our dog training programs in the dog’s home environment!

Becoming A Good Decision-Maker

Now that your dog has had time to learn and practice these new behaviors, it’s time to make sure he/she knows how and when to use them. To do this, we’ll go “looking for trouble.” During this phase of training, the dog is learning how to make good behavior choices in the situations where he formerly made poor decisions. Those new behaviors your dog learned during the first phase of training are only useful if your dog uses them when it counts the most!

Making It Reliable

At this point in the professional dog training process, it’s time to teach your dog to respond reliably, even among the most challenging distractions! These lessons are best done in an environment that is really tempting for your dog, so we’ll cater these lessons to your individual dog. This final phase of training highlights the new bond of trust and respect between you and your dog that has developed and strengthened through this training process.

Enhancing The Bond

Pivotal Dog Training believes in designing a professional dog training plan that will drastically improve your relationship with your dog. If you have a dog with behavior issues, you may feel as if there isn’t a feeling of mutual trust between you and your dog. Our training process is geared toward showing your dog that he can trust you to safely guide him, and you can trust your dog to follow your lead.

The First Step

Before we begin training, it’s important to do a thorough behavior evaluation of your dog in its home environment. It’s also important to get to know you and the dog’s other family members (both human and canine), and talk with you about your training goals. This is why we schedule an initial consultation so that we can get to know you and your dog, and you can get to know us!

Give us a call at 412.533.3947, or email us using our contact form. We look forward to chatting with you about your dog!