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Does your dog need dog training? Help is on the way! We are professional dog trainers – experts at our craft. We offer results-based training, and we commit to working with you until your dog training goals have been reached. We aren’t just “dog people,” we’re “people people,” too. Contact Pivotal Dog Training using the form below, or call us directly at 412.533.3947.

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We design each program for each dog and owner. We don’t offer “cookie cutter” dog training programs that aren’t successful, we get the job done! In fact that is why we charge by the job and not by the hour. We are so confident in our program because it has been proven to be successful for over two decades!

Our Pittsburgh dog trainer has never met a dog he can’t help – no matter what breed, age or behavior problem.

We are successful with both puppies and adult dogs of all breeds and temperaments. If you’ve been told your dog is beyond help, please don’t give up without talking to us! Whether your puppy needs to start off on the right “paw,” or your adult dog needs to overcome a serious behavior issue, we can help! 

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