We Can Correct Leash Reactivity – Dog Training Pittsburgh Blog

You have a really well-behaved dog…until you take him or her for a walk! If your dog manages to stay calm in the security of his or her home, but taking them for a walk has become an embarrassing and stressful hassle, your dog may have a behavioral problem known as leash reactivity.

Dog Training Pittsburgh BlogLeash reactivity is characterized by an otherwise mellow dog becoming aggressive during walks. He or she may lunge, growl, or bark at cars, other dogs, small animals, or even people. Some dogs may not have had the opportunity to get used to the leash as a puppy, and therefore they are not sure what to make of it. The leash itself makes them nervous. For others, it’s the environment. They are being forced to leave the comfort of their home, and the distractions and excitement encountered along the way seem overwhelming or threatening.

In the meantime, you just want too be able to enjoy a nice walk with your dog!

There is a way to solve this problem, and it comes in the form of in-home training. Through my in-home training program, I can help your dog become accustomed to the leash, build confidence, and gradually become more comfortable on walks. A focus on basic obedience training and proper leash handling techniques will help him or her learn to focus on you rather than on distractions, help you better communicate with your pet, and build the trust that is necessary for him or her to feel comfortable. Training within the home, rather than in a group setting, is very important when handling leash reactive dogs because the training needs to begin one-on-one, in a comfortable setting, and end amidst the distractions they will encounter on a daily basis.

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