The Necessity of Distraction Training – Dog Training Pittsburgh

Does your dog only listen to you only when inside the house? Will you only get consistent recall and response from your dog, provided that there are no distractions in your dog’s environment at the time?

This is a constant issue that many people face with their dog. It is without a doubt that many dogs will suffer when it comes to focus and concentration, particularly when distractions are around. It could be another dog, another person, a plate of food, a squirrel, the neighbor’s cat, cars passing by, or even just the smell of grass on your front lawn. And many times when we want our dog’s attention, it is when they are distracted by something else.

Dog Training PittsburghHere at Three Rivers Dog Training Pittsburgh, we know that dogs can learn to listen and follow command in ANY environment, be it controlled or chaotic. We start off in-home so that way your dog can be set up for success and learn the basic foundation of obedience and focus. Once we equip our dogs with the fundamentals, then we want to take it a step further and continue challenging our dogs. That is when we work on the dog’s ability to focus and follow through with distractions present.

While your dog may be able to Sit or Come when inside the house or in quiet places, it is just, if not more important for them to perform these commands outside the house or in stimulating places. If your dog is distracted by a car, runs after it, and he cannot come back when you call him, then there can be some serious issues arising. Many dogs end up on the streets or in shelters because of behavioral issues that are not addressed. Some dogs end up accidentally there because they were not properly trained to ignore the distractions and focus on the owner. In many ways, working on distraction training with your dog can be life-saving, and help keep your dog at home with you and your family.

Distraction training cannot be accomplished without covering the basic obedience. We must start from the ground up, take gradual baby steps, and make sure that we are setting up our dogs to succeed, rather than to constantly fail and feel frustrated. If you think your dog needs some distraction training, then give us a call and we’ll make sure your dog can listen to ANY command in ANY environment with ANY distraction: 800-649-7297 or write us at!