Sunny – Housebreaking Case Study – Pittsburgh Dog Trainer – Three Rivers Dog Training

Unless you have the patience of a saint and a house covered in diapers, it’s pretty common that most dog owners want their dogs to be completely housebroken, learning to eliminate strictly outdoors. With puppies, that is one of the first things that they learn in this world after their leaving their mothers at eight weeks. As an experienced trainer though, I have encountered many adult dogs who still have not learned that “potty time” takes place outside! This can be VERY problematic, potentially leading to very disgruntled owners and even dogs being sent back to shelters.

Sunny here is one of those examples of an adult dog with housebreaking issues. Her owner reached out to me because she could not stand the accidents anymore, that were happening EVERY DAY in her house! Sunny’s owner worked long hours, and she was beginning to think that her dog might be doing this intentionally because they did not spend enough time together. Guilt-ridden, Sunny’s owner was at a loss. Being a grown dog and not a young puppy, I wanted to see what was prompting Sunny to potty inside. So Sunny’s owner and I arranged an initial in-home consultation where I would come to the house to see what was going on and also to talk about what we could do to fix this messy problem While Sunny’s only issue was the housebreaking, I immediately saw contributing factors. The main thing was that Sunny had the opportunity to eliminate in the home – there was no control surrounding this behavioral problem! After much discussion and mapping out a training plan for Sunny, her owner signed up and we were ready to move forward.

A dog going to the bathroom inside might point to signs of dominant marking or anxiety, but other than that, it is exceptionally rare to impossible that a dog is maliciously peeing inside because he/she is “resenting” the owner. With Sunny’s case, it was lack of control and there was anxiety in place. It probably did stem from her owner’s long work hours, but that does NOT mean the Sunny WANTED to eliminate in the home out of spite. It was because Sunny did not know any better. 

Needless to say, we set Sunny up for a reward-based training regimen where consistent scheduling would be involved, and where Sunny would have more opportunities to succeed rather than fail. Her owner became more confident with her abilities to direct Sunny to better choices that ended with good behavior AND praise! We changed Sunny’s environment where both her and her owner could be comfortable and improve in. The last lesson we had together was two weeks ago, and Sunny’s owner has reported ZERO accidents thus far, and said that Sunny has seemed “more at ease” since beginning training!

Puppy or adult, if your dog is having potty problems inside the home, give me a call ASAP! Don’t assume your dog is hopeless or just being vindictive – he/she just needs some guidance and some training based on structure and commitment!