Resource Guarding Case Study – Pittsburgh Dog Trainer

Resource guarding is a fairly common canine issue. Some guard certain items, some guard toys, some guard food, some guard space, and some guard all of the above. What are some signs of resource guarding? If your dog snaps or growls when you touch a toy, food, or when someone enters his/her personal space, resource guarding could be the issue. Sometimes, these reactions can be attributed to fear or anxiety. The best way to know for sure is to give me a call and chat about your pup’s unique situation.

For a young dog named Aurora, resource guarding was the culprit behind her bad behavior. Aurora would show aggression toward certain visitors, when her owners touched her food, and if someone attempted to wake her up by touching her. The owners’ attempts to tell her “no” and correct the behavior went unheeded. Essentially, Aurora had created her own boundaries and her own rules, and we needed to fix that. We needed to show her that the owners had the final say, and she needed to respect the boundaries they set. 

To start, we put her on a structured schedule, one that was completely dictated by her owners rather than herself. This meant no free roaming, no grazing, and no going outside off leash. Once a dog begins understanding his/her owners are running things, they gain a certain amount of respect for them, and they also become more attentive. To further increase Aurora’s attentiveness, we began a rigorous schedule of basic obedience training. This helped Aurora learn commands and also taught her owners how to properly handle their pet. After Aurora seemed to get a handle on her new boundaries, we slowly introduced her to more challenging/distracting environments to be sure the training would stick in even the toughest situations.

I was able to help Aurora turn her behavior around, and I can do the same for your dog. Give me a call at 800.649.7297 to discuss your dog’s unique behavioral situation.