No Dog is Too Old for Training – Dog Training Pittsburgh

Changing an older dog’s environment can throw them for a loop. Does this mean you avoid doing so? Not at all. You should simply work with a certified in-home trainer to help prepare them and guide them through the transition.

Dog Training PittsburghThere is the saying that old dogs can’t learn new tricks, but that simply isn’t true. Like all creatures, they do establish a routine, but like all creatures, they are capable of adjusting to a new routine. This adjustment may be necessary due to the introduction of a new pet, moving houses, a new baby, a friend or significant other moving in, etc.

My most recent case involving an older dog, whose owners wanted to get a new puppy. The dog was was twelve-years-old, and like many owners, they wanted to preemptively soften the blow of losing an older pet by adopting a puppy. The older dog was a pretty mellow old dog, but he was also very set in his ways, and the new puppy, who simply did not understand boundaries, irritated him. To solve this problem, we began the new dog on a puppy training program to teach her how to respect boundaries, and we worked with the older on focus training, place training, and implemented a structured schedule for him. We found a way for the older dog to get the space he needed and the puppy to become more obedient to her owners’ wishes. Ensuring neither dog was shown any type of favoritism was also integral to the training.

In just a short amount of time, the older dog’s new aggressive behavior toward the puppy had vanished, and he grew quite used to having her around. He went back to being his usual, mellow self, and his owners were able to live happily with both of their beloved dogs.

No matter the type of transition your dog is experiencing in his/her life, and no matter the age of your pet, I can help you help them through it. Give me a call today at 800.649.7297 to learn more.