Make Dog Training Fun! – Pivotal Dog Training Pittsburgh Blog

When we train our clients and their dogs, we not only provide results, but we also aim to make training an enjoyable, engaging experience where both owner and dog can succeed and bond together. There’s a misconception that dog training can be “mean”, “hard on the dog”, and even “scary”!

Dog training should be a rewarding learning process for both the dog and their people!

If you’re seeking dog training because your dog is demonstrating inappropriate behaviors, then you’ve made the right move! Training creates a foundation and structure where the owner can effectively communicate to their dog boundaries and ways to be behaviorally successful in and outside the home. It is something that keeps the dog active, both physically and mentally. Training can be a challenge for the dog, but it should be an exciting challenge, not one that everyone is dreading.

Pivotal Dog Training Pittsburgh will make dog training fun for everyone involved. I recently trained a shepherd mix named Bear while working with a dog trainer in Las Vegas. Bear was dealing with some severe anxiety. He was extremely hyperactive in the home with the owners, and when they left, he would cry constantly and sometimes chew up pillows and shoes. With our training, we had to get Bear’s owners control again so that Bear had a leader to follow, rather than his own anxious impulses. The training gave structure where Bear knew what to anticipate, and knew how to be more successful. This immediately began to calm Bear down, and then we started working on focus-based exercises and leash training so that Bear could get both physical exercise, but also mental stimulation that kept his brain active and thinking. All of this gave Bear, a working dog, a job to perform and succeed in, and it relieved his anxiety. Once the owners knew how to direct Bear and give him these routines and training, Bear knew what he needed to do and learned to ENJOY being a well-behaved dog!

Dog training can be strict in many ways, but it should never be created to set the dog up for failure, or to incessantly punish the dog. Dogs need leadership and encouragement, and if it’s all just negativity, the dog will not be motivated to succeed and/or to have a trusting relationship with their owner. It is our goal to address behavior problems through our training, but also to create positive emotions and relationships for the dog and owner. We don’t want to remove anxious-driven behaviors without removing the anxiety…both dogs and owners deserve to be happy together and without any behavioral problems!

Our Pittsburgh dog training is customized based on our clients’ goals and their dogs’ needs, and we also strive to make it a rewarding experience for all involved. If your dog needs behavior training that sets them up for success, call us at 800.649.7297 and we’ll guide you to your goals!