Group Dog Training Classes in Pittsburgh!

If you take a look around my blog and website, you’ll notice that I think very highly of in-home training. In-home training is the most effective means of solving severe behavioral problems, as it allows your dog to have one-on-one, fully-customized training. I talk about how group training is ineffective for behavioral problems like aggression, housebreaking, hyperactivity, separation anxiety, etc. because it doesn’t allow for that individualized attention.

However, group training does have its place. There are plenty of dogs that don’t have these types of severe issues but could still use a little fine-tuning. Maybe your dog doesn’t listen as well as you’d like, maybe he or she doesn’t walk as nicely on the leash as you’d like, or maybe you just want to teach your dog a few basic commands to use around the house. Group training is perfect for these types of training goals.

Just keep in mind that pulling on the leash is very different from leash reactivity. Leash reactivity is a serious problem that would require in home training to solve. Not listening as well as you’d like is very different from a dog that runs away every chance he or she gets. The latter would require in-home training.

But if you have a dog that would be a good fit for a group training course, I offer a course called Practical Pet Protocol. This course takes many of the values of in-home training and incorporates them into a group setting. You will learn to communicate with your dog in an effective manner, you’ll receive valuable reference material that enables you to continue the training at home, and your dog will be immersed in real-life situations before graduating, to ensure the training sticks even amidst distraction.

If this sounds like the type of training situation that would benefit your dog, give me a call at 800.649.7297. I’ll be happy to discuss the details and answer any questions you may have.