Fear Aggression: Common Behavior Problem by Pittsburgh Dog Training Blog

While working with a dog trainer in East Bay, California we had the opportunity to discuss a very common behavior issue, fear aggression. Fear aggression is a particularly interesting canine behavior problem because it’s one of the few we humans can empathize with. All living creatures possess the fight or flight instinct, which is at the heart of this issue. If your dog gets scared, you probably know how he/she will react. Some cower, some tuck their tail and look nervously to you, and others, well, fight.

If your dog growls and bares his/her teeth in response to an unfamiliar or threatening stimulus, he or she is demonstrating fear aggression. This can be a real problem because often our dogs perceive things or people as threats when they aren’t. Maybe you have a relative who comes to stay with you once a year. Your dog isn’t used to them, so they offer the opposite of a warm welcome. Maybe you have a new pet or car (strange noises are often a culprit) or, worst of all, a new baby.

This issue can be addressed through my in-home training program, and just as I’ve helped countless dog owners get a handle on their dog’s fear aggression in the past, so too can I help you turn your dog’s behavior around.

Because I offer one-on-one in-home training sessions, the program is always customized to fit your dog’s needs. No two training regimens will be alike, and it will only be implemented following your approval. Techniques that have been used in the past include basic obedience training, the elimination of roaming, confidence-building exercises, proper leash handling techniques, and place training to name a few. 

Let me design a program that will work for you. It’s important to nip any type of canine aggression in the bud before injury occurs. We don’t like to think of it as a possibility, but unfortunately it is a very real one.

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