Dogs Thrive In Structure and Consistency – Pittsburgh Dog Trainer Blog

As a Pittsburgh dog trainer, naturally I am going to preach about getting your dog trained and giving them some structure to learn in. However, there are a lot of dog owners out there that believe training is not a necessity for their pups. I say, to each their own, as everyone has their own opinion and lifestyle. While I do see many people have beautifully behaved dogs that never had a day of training, those lucky owners and their dogs are pretty rare cases.

While it may be hard to believe, but it is true when I say that dogs like structure and training. Sure, they are very willful creatures and maybe your dog clearly has an independent spirit, possessing an “I Don’t Need No Human or Training!” attitude. But for most dogs, they actually need structure and need someone to tell them what to do.


PIttsburgh Dog Trainer BlogIf we’re following the pack theory with dogs, then we know that dogs need some type of leader, or an “alpha”. I believe you can be a leader without implementing dominance, but still, you need to lead and direct. You need to show your dog what he needs to do, and also, what he should not do. If a pack animal like your dog does not have a leader, then they are either going to take that position themselves, or be stranded in the middle, without knowing which way to turn. Dogs that take the leadership role upon themselves can then see anything as fair game, and if you are not a leader to them, then they can start viewing you as their follower (which can lead to some serious behavioral problems and rifts in the relationship between dog and owner). The dog who is not a leader and does not have one, might find themselves completely confused and severely anxious, because they are unsure what is right and what is wrong. In either situation, it is not the dog’s fault – we as owners need to be responsible and guide our dogs to success, rather than set them up for failure!

We don’t need to be dictators or have absurdly strict rules for our dogs, but we should provide structure and consistency for our furry friends. This is a great benefit for the dog, and gives them a chance to behaviorally progress and feel comfortable with themselves. Leading them to better choices will build confidence for the dog. The dog will learn what are appropriate behaviors and strive to demonstrate those, avoiding the ones that cause stress and frustration for everyone. In the end, with consistent, structured training, you and your dog win!

If you feel like your dog is lacking structure in his/her’s life, and you are unsure how to instill it, don’t worry, that’s why Three Rivers Dog Training is here! Give us a call at 800-649-7297, and we’ll talk about what your goals are for your dog, and set up an initial consultation!