You’ve found the best dog trainer in Pittsburgh!

I’m an in-home dog trainer in Pittsburgh and the surrounding communities. My dog training programs regularly achieve results with all ranges of behavioral issues. In fact, my training method is time-tested, and has proven to get results… EVERY TIME!!

Many of my clients have worked with other Pittsburgh dog trainers before working with me. While they may have achieved some initial results, no one achieved any lasting results (which is why they needed me in the first place). My goal is to be the last dog trainer you ever need to hire! 

Give me a call at 800.649.7297 or email me to talk about your dog and how we can help.

Here’s what makes me the best dog trainer in Pittsburgh:

  • I commit to working with you and your dog until we achieve each of your training goals – until we get the job done!
  • My training is reward-based. This means we set your dog up for success at every stage of our training plan.
  • We’ll train in real world situations to make sure your dog can behave in any environment.
  • For over 26 years, the training method I use has been successful with all kinds of dogs with all kinds of behavior issues.

I am very passionate about building a better bond between dog and owner. Many dogs experiencing behavior issues have a fractured relationship with their family, and my goal is to use dog training as an opportunity to repair and enhance that relationship.

I succeed with all breeds and sizes of dogs, and all ranges of behavior issues, from minor to severe. Whether your dog is suffering from aggression issues, severe anxiety, or quality of life issues like hyperactivity, excessive barking, darting out of open doors, etc., I can help!

Call me at 800.649.7297 or email me to get started. We can’t wait to hear about your dog!

Together, we can change your dog’s behavior… for good!