About Expert Pittsburgh Dog Trainer

Greg Stewart – Owner/Head Trainer

At a young age, Greg Stewart immediately developed a passion for animals, especially for dogs. His dream of having a family dog came true when he turned 8 years old. Since then, Greg has been inspired to help and care for dogs and all animals.

Born and raised in Vermont, Greg explored different career options, but he was always drawn back to animals. He was a kennel technician for cats, a farmhand that bottle-fed calves and cleaned their sleeping areas, and Greg also volunteered at local animal shelters, walking and training rescue dogs on obedience. By helping dogs behaviorally progress and become more adoptable at the rescues and shelters, Greg finally knew his true calling: dog training.

Greg holds multiple dog training certifications, one being through Canine Trade Group, a highly-competitive training school and network run by John Van Olden, who is a renowned dog trainer with over 30 years experience and success! His time with Canine Trade Group gave him the tools to start his own dog training company and offer reward-based dog training to frustrated dog owners needing help! He continues to expand his education by attending seminars and workshops all over the nation.

At Pivotal Dog Training, Greg is ready to work with dogs AND their people, keeping a trusting relationship between dog and owner, while also enhancing the bond and eliminating behavioral issues. If your dog needs behavior modification, aggression rehabilitation, or basic obedience, Greg can and is eager to help!