Our dog training programs are extremely successful – let’s add your dog to our list of success stories!

Prior to dog training, Snickers absoultely refused to go outside, and would only use the bathroom INSIDE Patti’s home! Here’s what she had to say after just one session:
“The change in her is unbelievable! She is going outside and doing her business. She’s not fighting us at all! I guess she just needed to know who’s in charge. Thank you so much for your help.”
Patti & Snickers the dog

“Thank you so much for all you have done for Coco.  Your efforts have taken her from an anxious, “hyper” dog, who had a very tough time attracting attention at adoptions events, to a well-behaved girl who walks beautifully on the leash, and greets people politely.  You’ve made her so much more adoptable!  

-Kim Hawkins, Director, Rural Dog Rescue


“They are doing so well!!! Pretty amazing. I know you said not to but big girl pagan had taken a walk the last 3 days on the street without incident. In fact she was amazing. Saw people, cars etc even a dog in the distance and sat for me!!! Both require corrections still but are doing so good. Both using crate!!! Oh I’ve been bragging you up at work nonstop. Can’t believe pagan goes to crate even though she doesn’t like it. I’m definitely in charge and they know it. Pagan marches around after walks like she is so proud of herself. So funny”- Dawn M.